Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Odds and Ends (Again)

Thank you to all who have commented here and by email. What great and fun tools blogs and email are!

(Oh, I had a troll make an ugly comment about my brother-in-law, so I implemented the comment moderator. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

For some of the clothes stores various people mentioned, we will have to take a trip to Boise, Spokane, Seattle, Atlanta, Las Vegas, or ???. (At least one store doesn't sell on-line.) Wanting or needing to shop is a good excuse to go on a trip, right?

It is snowing Great Big Flakes and sticking.

The snowdrops are in bloom. In the 20 or 21 springs that I have lived in this town, May is the earliest I've ever seen them bloom (before now). (I've lived here three different times, so I get confused about the number of seasons, but not about when flowers bloom.) It's too early to remove the mulch - hence the debris around the flowers.

I love spring flowers. They look so delicate but are so hardy.

The lilacs usually bloom in mid-to-late May and almost always get snowed on.

Along Lapwai Creek, the stems of willows and dogwood? are changing colors. The trees look like they are getting read to bud. The elevation is much lower near Lapwai so their spring comes much earlier.

I almost hope it freezes (here) again so that there isn't any mud for a while. I hate mud. The dirt here is black, not dark brown, but black clay. It is slick and gooey when wet and hard as a brick when dry. It is almost impossible to wash out - very similar to Georgia's red clay - except much more fertile.

My dad just emailed me several old family photos that I had never seen before. Also, there were pictures of headstones and lists of family members with birth and death dates, birth and death places, and women's married names! I'm officially in hog heaven!

Dad also sent pictures of some family members (that are my age) that I haven't seen or seen pictures of since we were in our late teens/early twenties. Their daughter just got married and is younger than my oldest child, but why do THEY look so OLD? HAHA

Small world:

*Note to a Certain Young Woman in Texas: I just found out that one of my "old" college roommates lives in Austin. I lost touch with her years ago, but (re)met her mother at a church meeting the other night. She (the mother) and her husband moved here a couple of years ago.

*Aunt of Certain Young Woman used to live in a town close to here and drove over here to go to church. Wonder if our paths ever crossed? Probably. This is a small town.

My friend has two grandsons who are completely out of control. My friend is so upset. I hope things get better soon.

Note to young people - (most) parents never stop worrying/caring about their children, and the grandchildren and even greatgrands. Note to my children: You will always be my children no matter how old you get - so you'd better behave! lol

This is what my kitten did. She would streak through the house and hit the top of my desk sending everything flying. I had already picked up quite a bit before I thought to take a picture.

Kitten when we first got her. I set the cup there so we could remember how tiny she was. I took a picture tonight, but it didn't turn out. Can't get her to be still long enough!

Since it's time to put the dogs out (10:45 pm) one last time, I'll quit jabbering.

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