Friday, March 6, 2009

Computer Illiteracy Strikes Again

Please, could or would someone explain the difference between "(My) Reading List" and "Google Reader"? (I read the Help section, but I'm still confused.)

What is "feed"?

Also, does anyone else get an error message when you click "Publish Post"? I often do. Sometimes my post shows up as a draft, and other times it is completely gone (like just a few minutes ago - grrrrr).

Thank you. (Seems all I do is ask for help!)


Adrienne said...

An RSS (real simple syndication feed "feeds" all the new content of a blog that is entered into your reader - in this case Google Reader.

That way you can go to your reader and all the blogs or news sources that support feed and you have entered, will be in a nice neat little row. It means you don't have to go from blog to blog to blog, saving time.

If you have Firefox (and if you don't you should) as your browser, there is a little google icon in the URL address on the top. In order to enter the blog into your reader you just click on the icon and bingo, it goes into your feed.

If you don't use Firefox, it should be your first order of business. Just google Firefox and follow instructions. It is waaaaay safer way to browse than Internet Explorer.

We'll take it all from there.....

Now I forgotten the other questions so let me re-read your post ;-)

Adrienne said...

I've never has a post disappear so not sure what you are doing. It automatically saves while you are working so it should be on your edit post page.

I've heard lots of folks complain about Blogger but I've never really experienced many problems. The only one I have right now is font size problems due to so much copy and pasting.

Packrat said...

Adrienne, you are a dear! After I finally got the blasted thing to post, J said that the disappearing post problem could be because we temporarily lost internet connection just long enough that I'm not actually signed in anymore. (We get cut off all the time.) Also, I usually use Firefox, but thank you for the suggestion. :)

motherhen68 said...

Adrienne taught me how to use the google reader too. This is amazing as I now have about 70 blogs I read rather than the 10 I used to go hopping around to every day. Much easier!

Janssen said...

I'm not sure what "Reading List" is, so I can't offer any real help.

I do like to think of Google Reader as sort of an email account for blogs, where you get an email of any new posts for the blogs you've told it you want to read.

Amber said...

I haven't heard of the reading list either.

Packrat said...

The Reading List (Blogs I Read) is below the Dashboard on the same page. I guess what I'm wondering is if I add the blogs I'm reading here, will they show up on my blog page? I don't want them to. Guess I'll add one and see what happens. Thanks for the responses! :)