Sunday, March 1, 2009

Clothing Dilemma - Help Needed Please

I'm looking for classic style clothing suitable for a woman in her seventies - in petite sizes 0 to 4. Does anyone know of a source? (I just went through the new Coldwater Creek catalog. The smallest they carry is a 6 which is too large.)

I have looked. My mom has looked. All the clothing that we have found in those sizes are made for young people. I can't even find suitable new sewing patterns that come that small. (I know how to alter up, but making smaller ???)

At this point the only option I've come up with is making (or having made) clothes using vintage children's clothing patterns.

Does anyone have any other ideas?


Adrienne said...

First of all - who the heck wears a 0??? Amazing. Dressbarn carries some nice stuff in smaller sizes. Even on the "younger smaller side of the store" they have some nice seperates that would work well.

I worked at the Post Falls store and we helped lots of smaller mature ladies. The problem is the closest stores to you are Boise, Nampa, and Post Falls (which is an outlet)

Other than that you would have to try Macy's and think in terms of separates. Don't worry about the department so much as just looking at the style. Even in the young people departments there are some nice slacks, skirts, and tops.

If you could find just a few basic pieces you could add different tops and stuff. Have you tried Old Navy online? They have lots of small sizes and some pretty basic pieces...

ashley said...

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.
I am a 2-4 petite at the other end of the age spectrum, but I usually buy modest, classic clothes. I second Adrienne's suggestion to look at separate. My suggestions: Hanna Andersson (XS or 160cm), Petite Sophisticate, Talbots Petites, Ann Taylor and Ann Taylot Loft. Old Navy doesn't fit petites well; and aat their quality are not worth having altered. I am short enough that I have to have petite pants hemmed if I don't intend to wear them with heels and have previously had a pair of regular capris that were the perfect length with flats. Good luck.