Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great Day in the Mornin'

If you are squeamish, please don't read any further.

I'm actually in a really good mood. The funny thing is I shouldn't be.

When I went to put the dogs out this morning, one or both of the dogs (that stay downstairs) had been sick - both ends. What a disgusting mess. It was so bad that in a several spots it was soaked clear through two layers of really thick cardboard, the carpet, the pad, and into the wood. Luckily, most of the actual mess was on the cardboard, so that was easy to dispose of. But, most of the rest of the carpet was soaked and the pad was pretty damp. So, I spent my whole morning ripping out the carpet and pad in half of the back room and doing a quick clean up of the floor. (The rest of the room is blocked off and used for storage.) Luckily, the carpet was in bad shape before this happened. (In a little while I'll go put down a sheet of plastic and put flattened cardboard boxes over the top.)

About lunch time, I remembered I hadn't taken anything out of the freezer for dinner. When I opened the freezer door I got a face full of frozen food - hard packages of meat that after hitting me in the face fell and landed on my toes.

Then, I decided that since the ice finally melted from in front of the garage door, I'd better get the potting soil out of the garage so that I can take care of the house plants that the kitten tried to destroy. I opened the garage door. The rolling cart for scooting under the car fell (why was it standing on end just inside the door???) and scraped down my shins while a garbage bag of recycling hit me in the head (recycling has to go to another town) and the plastic end of leaf rake hit me in the face (why wasn't it hung up?). Also, several empty cardboard boxes fell over. I did screech; I don't know if I swore or not. Did I get the potting soil? NO. DH has old computers stacked on top of the sacks of potting soil (HUH?). I was no way in .... going to move those heavy things. (And to think that DH didn't want me to buy potting soil the other day because "we have some in the garage".)

I should be used to this by now. It really, really is a good thing that I am in a good mood. I'm even going to be nice and cook dinner.

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The Songster said...

Hahahahahaha "DH" heheheeheh I can only guess what that stands for...