Thursday, January 22, 2009


Oh, yay, I think we have fleas at our house. What, you say? How did that happen? Let's see...

We have 4 inside dogs, 2 inside cats, and there were 2 other cats visiting over Christmas. The 2 cats that were here at Christmas play with another cat. The humans that belong to those animals visit their friends who have pets.

Everyone of the employees where my husband works has pets. A couple employees even have ferrets, gerbils, mice, chickens, ducks, horses, goats, and sheep besides the prerequisite dogs and cats. (One has to LOVE animals where my husband works. I draw the line at the mice and iguana.)

The brother and sister-in-law that live fairly close have 5 dogs and a cat. One of his sons that often comes to visit always brings his dog, and I think his girlfriend has a cat and dog. My mother has 2 dogs and 3 cats. My other brother and sister-in-law were also here in December. They have a dog and 3 cats, and they are foster "parents" for dogs that are waiting to be placed in new homes. (I couldn't be a foster parent of anything. It would break my heart over and over again.)

Let's see...

My husband also has a repair business (besides a "regular" job) which requires him to make house calls. He has to take in his tool kits and sometimes brings items home to work on. (He tells me that some of the houses he goes into makes our house look "down right" sterile.)

We have attended a funeral and a concert. We've been shopping; we've been to church, the banks, the post office, the library. Besides a couple of customers and some friends, the Schwan's delivery person and piano tuner have been here. On and On and On.

While it was really snowy and cold for a while, we just had a few days of warm sunshine. That's all it takes for the fleas and ticks to show their ugly little bodies. And, once they get inside where it is warm...

I'm off to start cleaning. Now maybe if I had decluttered a bit it wouldn't be such a chore.

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