Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cluttered by the Decluttering Blitz

It's everywhere. All we hear about is declutter, declutter, declutter. Buy this book on how to organize, indiscriminately throw 27 things away, get rid of everything you don't need right now. On and on and on.

On November 21, 2008, I joined FLY just to see what it was about. After several hours of "arguing" with my computer, I finally got a new email account set up and started to receive messages from FLY. In approximately 53 days I have received hundreds of emails from the FLYLady and her ilk. Today I deleted 598 unread messages. Remember that is less than 2 months! That is an average of almost 12 a day. Think how many more it would be if I knew how many read emails I have previously deleted.

I should have known better when I saw the FLYLady web page. Talk about CLUTTER! The site gives me a headache. (See Flylady.net) Oh, and they sell things - t-shirts, diaries, calendars, etc. - more clutter!

So now that I've got that off my chest, I'm going unsubscribe to Fly Lady and see if I can close that email account. You might have noticed that I already deleted one blog. I'll start decluttering by getting rid of some time-wasters.

My apologies to those who like the FLYLady.


Janssen said...

I have always thought it was sort of ironic that the FlyLady is all about anti-clutter and such, but then SWAMPS your mailbox with emails.

Packrat said...

Janssen - Amen. And then to sell stuff, too????