Monday, April 26, 2010


Our house around Christmastime a couple of years ago.

Time sure flies when you are and aren't having fun.

First an update: Madeline (Madeline's Album), as of yesterday, was able to be up in a wheel chair, but she is still in the hospital and a long way from being well. Please continue to pray for her. Thank you. The past couple of months have been really bad for her and, of course, very stressful for her family.

Barb and Carmen, you know all of this. For the rest of my friends and readers, here goes.

I'm home. Aunt Amelia, you can stop worrying now. :)

We have basically finished moving out of my mom's house. My husband and I got home about 2 AM a week ago Thursday. After getting a little sleep, unloading the car, and J getting a couple of his jobs done, we took off for a Costco run. From there J drove me another 40 minutes to our daughter's place. Poor J had to turn right around, make another Costco stop for the things there wasn't room for earlier, and drive back home.

Friday bright and early Daughter had oral surgery. She was supposed to snap right back from it, but it really knocked her for a loop. So, instead of coming home Sunday like I planned, I stayed. She is feeling better now, thank God.

I don't know about you, but I especially appreciate and enjoy performances where someone I know (or at least know a little about) is involved - in this case, the student performers. Makes the experience so much more personal. My daughter and I had the pleasure of attending two very different presentations where my daughter knows almost everyone involved. (Pardon my grammatical errors.)

Thursday night Daughter and I attended a UI music grad student's piano recital. WOW and DOUBLE WOW! That young man can really play. One piece was his own composition - a piano concerto with full orchestration. I really hope he gets it professionally recorded and released.

Since the UI theater students were putting on the musical
Grease, I decided to stay a few more days so I could see it. The "kids" did a fantastic job. As an added bonus, Margaret Travolta (John Travolta's sister) played Miss Lynch, the high school principal. The cast played to a full house, which is always encouraging.

Margaret Travolta

So, now I'm home again to a huge mess. I don't have a clue where to begin. Guess I'll pay the bills first, then worry about the rest later.

Hope this finds everyone well.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home.. been wondering where you were at.. sounds like you were very busy but at least it all turned out okay.

Barb said...

So good to see you back! Hope your daughter is doing better. We are off in the morning for our quick, cold, wet, vacation - but I wanted to say "hi" before I left.

Take care, don't stress out too much about getting things done. It will happen when it happens!



Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

You are home!!!! Yessssssssssss.

Well, I hope it's a Yesssssssss to/for you too, the finishing of moving out of your mom's house. Don't know how that all "shook out" in the end, but hope it was for the best... For you, I mean.

Gentle hugs.......

Vee said...

All in good time and make it your own time. Sounds like so much going on. Glad that your daughter is doing better, glad that the moving out of the house is nearly accomplished, now the work of keeping and releasing begins in earnest. And I know all so well how that is having just been involved in the past two weeks with the packing of my mother's home. I think that all of her stuff is in my attic. Ackkkk!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you're home and your daughter is feeling better!

belinda said...

Sounds like things are working our a little in all areas of your life. Good news on your daughter too!!

Roxanne said...

Does this mean that the financial "picture" will be looking better now that you've moved?

I hope so!!!

myletterstoemily said...

hey . . .i never know whether to say, "packrat"
or "swatting"!

sounds like you had a pretty busy few days
there! hope your daughter is feeling much

happy mother's day!!

Shay said...

Happy Mother's Day and hope the stress level is going down.

Vickie said...

No place like home, is there?
Take a load off and rest up - there'll be lots to do. Glad your daughter is doing better!

Dana said...

Wow, you have been busy! I'm sure it is nice to be home, mess and all, though. At least that is how I always feel.

Vickie said...

Good morning! Just stopped by to say Hi and hope you have a wonderful day! Hope things are going well for you and yours!