Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well Used Pattern

(Updated 3:30 4/29/2009 - I cancelled my photobucket account, because photobucket kept locking up the computer.)
I recently had to empty my "sewing room" to make way for other things. In the process, I found this pattern - Simplicity 8409 - copyrighted 1969. It cost 85 cents, and was purchased (probably in 1969) at Hudson's Department Store either in downtown* Detroit or at Eastland** (Shopping) Center in Eastpointe?, MI.

*If I remember correctly, Hudson's Downtown was the second largest department store in the US. Macy's in New York City was the largest. ** Eastland was fairly new and again, if I remember correctly, at that time the largest shopping mall in the US and one of the largest in the world. These places were absolutely fantastic. (Please correct me if I'm wrong about the sizes.)

I cannot tell you how many skirts and culottes were made from this pattern. Most of my high school wardrobe revolved around these pieces. (I didn't make the pants or jacket because they weren't "cool" enough.)

Specifically, I remember making a skirt in winter white wide wale (how was that for an alliteration!) corduroy that I wore with a dark brown fringed sash (like a belt). (Unfortunately, I don't remember what type of top I wore with it.) I made the culottes in coppery brown wide wale corduroy that was worn with a knit top made with (the same) brown, turquoise, and beige striped fabric. Two other pairs of culottes were made in dark green Kettle cloth and a summery yellow fabric. I know I made other skirts and culottes from this pattern, but am coming up blank about details right now.

The skirt took only a yard of 45" wide fabric, and the culottes took 1-1/4 yard of 45" wide fabric. Because I was (am) so short I really didn't need to buy that much. These were very simple, quick, and inexpensive to make - the fabric, a zipper, and some thread was all that was needed.

Sadly, the culotte and skirt pattern pieces are now missing. As I sort through things, I hope they magically reappear.


The Songster said...

you probably tried to make me a skirt at one time.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have that same pattern but one with the same culottes. I made so many pairs of them!! I probably got the pattern either 1968 or 69. I have a picture of me wearing one pair. I hope I still this pattern. I was thinking of enlarging it for me now and making some for summer. I think they would look cute instead of wearing shorts. I liked them cause they were so easy to sew and had no pleat in the front like so many culottes did. Our used stores seem to just throw out the patterns as I seldom see any for sale there now. :( If they do they package 4 or 5 in one plastic bag so you can't see what is really inside. :( On e-bay patterns sell too high priced..or so for the ones I have seen. Thanks for the post! Jody

Packrat said...

Jody - Thanks for stopping by. I had a pair of culottes with the pleats and loved them because no one knew they were really culottes. You know, back in the days when it was skirts only...

Good idea to make some for summer. I think these are more becoming and more comfortable than most shorts.

I've been finding patterns at St. Vincent de Paul. None of the other thrift stores seem to ever have them.

You are right about e-bay patterns being too high priced. Sue

Anonymous said...

Update: ...just wondering did the culotte pattern ever apear? I hope so...I haven't looked for mine yet. I am afraid to look and then know it is gone. ! :( I loved that pattern since it did not have a waist band and was sooo easy and fit so well. I will have to make my pattern bigger if I want to use it now though...! :) 38 years will do that for ya!! But I sure will give it a try IF I have it!! :) Write back to this post if you find another pattern like it that is out now. I will keep looking to and post here if I find one to buy now. Jody

Packrat said...

Jody, I haven't yet found the pieces, but I also haven't been upstairs to muck out the room where everything was dumped. That room is just plain scary! LOL I have to do it soon, because our daughter will be in here in a couple of weeks.