Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fashion Doll Pattern - 1964

I found this the other day. Simplicity 5673; copyright 1964. The envelope is worn on the corners, but the pattern is uncut.

The back says it is "Suitable for such Dolls as Annette, Mitzie, Babs, Kay, Polly Jr., Tina, Barbie, Midge and Gina." I don't remember Kay, Polly Jr., Tina, or Gina dolls. It doesn't mention Tressie. (I had a Tressie, and I remember that some of Barbie's clothes were too tight for her. Maybe that is why she isn't listed.)


If you find a vintage fashion doll clothing pattern and want to use it for making clothes for the newer fashion dolls, you'll probably have to do some altering. The newer dolls just aren't built the same as the older ones.

Please let me know if you are or aren't interested in vintage patterns. If you aren't, I won't waste your or my time. :)


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

OT but... I saw a comment by you, elsewhere. And it made me think, of me. :-) It was:

"I love to look at pictures of old houses and rooms in magazines. I look at the rooms in the movies instead of watching the movie. I stop and dream about houses described in books."

And have you ever made your own floorplan drawings, of a tv show house [old "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" show] or the house in a book [Bella's house in "Twilight"]? -giggles-

And you wrote; "My guilty pleasure is reading murder mysteries (the cozies, not the nasty violent ones) where the bad guy/gal is always caught."

I like cozies too. And especially ones set in English villages. And the feeling evoked in Rosemund Piltcher's books...

And you said: "Several authors use food and/or houses as the common thread or theme of the books."

Ohhh, books using a house as a common theme. Could the "Pennyfoot Hotel" series, fit in that?

See why your comment in another blog, made me think of myself?!? :-)

'Aunt Amelia'
Aunt Amelia's Attic

Packrat said...

Aunt Amelia - Thank you for coming by. I quickly glanced at your blog. Will have to "really" look another day. (Letter writing - a lost art!)

I have (giggle) made floor plans of houses in TV shows and books, but not the ones you mentioned - Who's the Boss and The Cosby Show are two shows that I can think of right now.

I have also spent hours upon hours trying to draw the perfect floor plan. I have not managed to do so. Sad...

I think I've read only one of the Pennyfoot Hotel series, but I think they'd classify. Thanks for the reminder - I'll look into them.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Thank you much for reading my comment. And for considering snail-mail correspondence. I hope that some time, you will want to give it a try.

Mean while, I'm glad to have Net-met someone who shares my love of Sets, and floor plans, and the like. I feel alone, in this... Nice to find others, who love the topic too.

Perhaps we types need a meeting place on the Net? :-) But I'd not know how to word the Name of such a Blog. :-) Nor how to list it, in my Blogger Interests... Oh well...

Happy Spring!
'Aunt Amelia'

Shay said...

I'd wear that white jacket myself!

Anonymous said...

I have the pattern for Saussy Walker doll and also my little Betsy McCall doll. I also had a Tiny Tears. I have lots of doll patterns. Do you sew the doll clothes? The littlier ones are the hardest for me to do. I haven't sewn any though for many years. Jody P.S. I too love to look at homes. I forget the name of the show but Urkles neighbors home...the kitchen especially! And Yes of course Cosby's and Who's The Boss... dream on.....ahhhh.....

Packrat said...

Jody - I haven't made doll clothes since I was little. Grandma would cut them out, and I'd sew them together. Never did make any for my daughter's dolls. I have lots of patterns - some where... You are right. The small clothes are the hardest to make.

When I was little, I thought Betsy McCall paper dolls were the most wonderful thing in the world. Never did the dolls you mentioned.

As to houses - I remember them, but can't ever remember which show they're from!