Sunday, February 22, 2009

BARGAINS! And other news.

A couple of weeks ago, Mom, Daughter, and I attended the Lewiston Civic Theatre to watch the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams. The storyline is incredibly depressing, but the actors gave a top notch performance. (The local talent always amazes me - including my own child when she performs.)

After the play, we drove to Moscow, had an excellent dinner at a really nice Mexican restaurant, and then went to Daughter's to stay the night. We stayed up really late visiting. The next morning Daughter headed to classes, and Mom and I headed back to Lewiston where Mom had doctors appointments. Mom was so tired when we got to my house that evening that she stayed all night and didn't leave until late the next afternoon.

Valentines night found us at our friends house. I actually went over to help pack, but M was tired of packing so we ate junk food and talked until midnight. (Their precious year-old great-granddaughter popped in for a surprise visit. What a beautiful good natured child!) I came home with two coffee (hot chocolate?) serving pots with matching creamer and sugar bowls that M had set out to put in the rummage.

Yesterday, my husband had a several hour job to do in Lewiston. Of course, I rode along. Daughter drove down from Moscow, and Daughter and I spent the afternoon shopping. Daughter found a pair of jeans that fit perfectly (a very rare find). At Gottchalks, I bought Husband a nice bathrobe, two cotton sport shirts, and myself a pair of Dearfoams slippers - all for under $38.00 (including sales tax)! Other purchases included a new toaster (our old one was probably 25 years old! and decided to quit last week), a Michael Buble CD, Fiddler on the Roof DVD (for $5.00!), and another DVD for Daughter for $5.00, and a pair of pj bottoms for $2.99 for Husband. Then we bought groceries. No bargains there. Packages are about half the size they were last year and cost more - even at Costco.

Daughter and I drove up to Moscow. We yakked away some more while I did her dishes and she quickly straightened up her apartment and sort of worked on homework. Husband finally showed up about 8. We had another excellent dinner at the same Mexican restaurant. Went back to Daughter's. Daughter's friend of the of the opposite sex came over to meet us. Very nice young man. We got up this morning, fixed a nice breakfast, and headed home. Mom had driven up for church so she stopped by for a couple of hours before she headed home.

I think there were other little odd bits of news to share, but I can't remember what. Oh, well. Good night and God Bless.

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Janssen said...

I've started going to Sam's Club to cut down on our grocery costs. Groceries are just EXPENSIVE!