Monday, February 2, 2009


Amber from Smile Forever "challenged" me to tell 25 random things about myself. Hmmm. I'm going to borrow some of her comments but make them mine. (Thanks, Amber.)

1. I'm short. I have shrunk from 5'2" to about 5'1/2". I really hate it when I'm standing amongst tall(er) people, and they talk over my head like they don't even see me. (This actually happens quite often even when I'm with people I know.) Makes me want to act really childish and stomp on their feet and/or kick their shins.

2. I've never been snowboarding or skiing. I used to love to sled, tube, and toboggan, though.

3. I like the old version of The Music Man with Shirley Jones and Robert Preston so much better than the new Disney version. I like the newer version of Sabrina better than the one with Humphrey Bogart. I love Roman Holiday. I hated the book First Wives Club but loved the movie. Same with the Devil Wears Prada. I love sing-along CD's and movies so Mama Mia! is wonderful. Themes? Musicals and chick flicks.

4. I think it is a sin to pay more than a dollar for a cup of tea or coffee or a soda (pop).

5. I can no longer play the piano in front of people. I get so nervous that I actually shake.

6. I can no longer sing solo and have always had trouble doing it. (I could sing duets, though - ???) My throat just closes up tight. My voice tends to crack now anyway, so who'd want to listen to me? :)

7. I'm terrified of heights. (As beautiful as these places were, I disliked visiting Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon for that reason.) I can go up, but going back down is a major problem.

8. I like to drive - except on really slick roads or when other drivers insist on driving on the wrong side of road (local joke that really isn't very funny). My "car" is an old 6 passenger 1 ton Ford pickup. My husband's car is a Subaru Forester. He occasionally lets me drive the Subaru.

9. I hate running or jogging. It has always hurt my ankles, knees, and hips.

10. Even though I hated running, at 2 different schools I broke sprinting records (for boys and girls) - once in 6th grade and once in 7th grade. Even in college PE, for short distances (100 yards or less) I was a speed demon. This probably came about from chasing and catching my extremely pesky brother and his friends. They never did learn not to make a redhead mad. ;)

11. I hated to (and still hate to) participate in team sports like softball, volley ball, basketball, and even tennis. I liked to bowl and swim and ride my bike. I wasn't too shabby on a skate board (the first ones that came out in the 60's), either.

12. I was terrified of water until the summer I was nine. Thanks to a wonderful neighbor lady who took a whole car load of us kids to the Y every day, I learned to love swimming and diving. I made the swim team in high school, but my parents wouldn't allow me to participate except as part of PE. I resented that for years, even though in my head I understood their reasons. (The high dive was a challenge, though!)

13. I can't dance. I just can't quite ever get my feet to listen to the rhythm. :D

14. Close friends call me by first and middle name - running it together, but they always get the middle name wrong. My middle name is Sue not Lou. My mom and one grandma often called me Susie. My other grandma usually called me Kathy (my cousin's name) which really confused the issue.

15. I dislike messing with my hair. I am a wash, comb, and go type person.

16. I have to go with the natural (washed out) look. My skin reacts almost immediately to foundation, blush, powders, lotions, most shampoos and conditioners. Even sun screen is a problem. I can only wear a couple brands of mascara and eyebrow darkener. Most lipsticks crack my lips and/or turns bright red. Perfume blisters my skin (and sometimes bothers my sinuses).

17. My hair is still its natural color with only some white hairs in it.

18. My hair won't hold a curl from a curling iron, but a perm lasts until it is cut off.

19. I look best in cool colors (summer and winter palettes) - just the opposite of most redheads. I can actually wear some shades of red, and if I may say so, bright pink is a really good color for me.

20. I used to chew my finger nails. I still do if I get extremely nervous.

21. I'd rather play in the sand, look for pretty rocks, or wade in the water than fish. I actually have a hard time staying out of the water.

22. I sometimes walk by a mirror and almost scare myself. I think, "Who the heck is that?" My looks have really changed over the years. I don't look like my mother or grandmothers so I can't say, "Why is Mom (or Grandma) looking back at me?".

23. I don't hunt and only occasionally go fishing.

24. I think having a television on when trying to visit with someone is rude.

25. I love exploring - taking off on side roads, following unmarked trails, wandering around old grave yards and old homesteads. I always wonder what is "just around the corner" or "just over the other side of that ridge" or "who were these people and what kind of life did they have".

And the bonus:
26. I have a "disease" common to avid genealogists (and historians). I get so wrapped up in researching that I forget that there is a present modern time.

So now I tag Carmen at The Songster, Laura at One Woman's Thoughts, and Adrienne at Adrienne's Catholic Corner - but only if you want to.


Amber said...

I have to agree with you on playing the piano -- and singing a solo!! It is too nerve racking!

Kicking people in the shins -- that makes me smile.

I used to bite my nails... I only just realized that maybe I am getting better at that one. hmm time will tell! :)

Amber said...

oh - ps - twitter? What exactly is it? Is it really that cool? Do I dare ask?!

Miriam said...

I drive an old Ford crew cab and my husband drives a nice little LaSabre - what's up with this?

Packrat said...

Miriam - LOL. In our case, my husband needs a 4-wheel drive that gets good gas mileage. (He drives an average of 800 miles a week.) The pickup is so big, it can't get into some of the places my husband does service calls, and it gets horrible gas mileage.

Does your pickup also have an issue with starting in cold weather? Do you also park at the edge of the parking lot, so that you can just pull forward instead of trying to back up in a crowded place? Do you also need two parking space lengths? :D

Miriam said...

Yes, yes, yes to it all :)