Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What it looked like last Saturday

Lovely weather we've been having!

Driving conditions on the Palouse - that black is solid ice (black ice - icy roads that look dry). Saw several cars that had slid off the road. Thank God none of the accidents looked at all serious. Also, thank heavens for a Subaru, good tires, and a good driver (my husband).

Our house. That is frost on the trees and bushes. Yes, the house needs painting. And, yes, the big spruce needs to be cut down but that would be so sad!

Also our yard. The spruce on the right was only about 15 feet tall when we moved into our house. Now, it is almost as big as the one in the picture above.

Frosty tree on the Palouse. (This was taken on my cell phone from a moving car.)

The Palouse is a rolling prairie in western Idaho and eastern Washington. It used to be (and maybe still is) the second largest wheat producing area in the United States. Just don't let these pictures fool you into thinking that Idaho is flat.

Here is a picture of the highway that we have to travel to get to a shopping center:

The highway looks level, but this is actually a fairly steep grade through a canyon. This was taken from my cell phone earlier this month. I was trying to get a picture of the storm on the mountain straight ahead of us.

Since Saturday, we have had more snow, wind, and below zero weather. Today, it is trying to thaw and a tiny bit of blue sky is showing. YAY


Amber said...

Oh -- Idaho is soo pretty. Esp. if you are in the western part. I went to school in Rexburg - a little more deserty. :)

Your welcome -- love how you used the pictures!! and the snow looks soo pretty - despite the freezing temps!

consecratedtomary said...

Hello! Came over from Adrienne's after seeing your lovely comment to me about the teabags! Thank you!

These photos are beautiful; I really, really hope you don't lose your big spruce tree. They've always been my favourite fir trees. (Well, if I had to pick a favourite).

(Am signing in with my wordpress i.d. for my blog "Consecrated to Mary", because I don't have a google i.d. and it won't accept my url for Contemplative Haven.) Bye for now.