Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Haven't done a blasted thing

I haven't cleaned anything - except swiping at the bathrooms and doing the dishes.

Would someone give me moral support, please? The kitten knocked over several house plants - dirt every where. There is kicked out cat litter (YUCK) on the floor and mixed with the dirt. Also, the kitten? knocked over a bunch of invoices and other papers on top of this (double YUCK).

Why or how did this happen? The litter box is in my office which is also where the house plants are. There really isn't anywhere else to put the litter box. The bathroom is too small.

To repot the plants, I'll have to have someone get me a bag of potting soil. I'm sure the pickup won't start and/or stay running (it is cold-blooded) for me to go get the soil myself. There are two large bags of it in the garage, but getting to them is almost impossible. The garage door (old fashion kind that opens out) is blocked by at least a foot of solid ice. To get to them from the inside would almost be as much work as chipping the ice.

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