Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Just Need to Vent and Feel Free to Advise

Because our business is run out of the house, my husband is often literally running in and out, the phones are ringing off the hooks, and sometimes customers/clients are knocking on the door. I do the bookkeeping at home, too. Because of the type of business there is no such thing as a 9 to 5 work day. And, everyone pretty much has to use the front door of the house. (Yes, we had to get a variance and permit from the city.)

My problem: I have two elderly friends whom I love dearly, but who just show up at the house unannounced. They both know I work, but evidently because I work at home it isn't important? These two friends seldom come when I feel I can take time to visit. Also, they seem to show up when my husband is the busiest. They seem to instinctively know! To make matters worse, I have no private or quiet place to sit and visit with them.

(Robin, you do realize I'm not talking about you, don't you? You aren't elderly ;), and I hardly ever see you or talk to you! Besides, I would tell you if I was too busy to visit, because I think you would understand.)

The eldest friend sometimes comes to the house several times a day, several times a week. Even after all these years (15 plus) that my husband has had the business, she can't or won't understand why I don't get my housework done, why my husband won't sit down and visit, why the phones ring so much, etc. If my husband is home when she arrives, she always blocks his car with hers. (DH, park on the street so this doesn't happen!)

The other friend drives about 20 miles to get here. She'll ask if I'm busy, but come in anyway and stay for hours (literally). I won't give her my cell phone number, because she'd call me all the time. I even find myself not returning her calls. If I call her on my cell phone she'll get the number on her caller ID. If I call her on the business phone she'll tie the line up for an hour and a half.

I've tried inviting them to come at a specific times thinking that would help. They don't seem to enjoy each others' company, either, so I don't feel I can invite them to come at the same time.

I know that these people are more important than the business, bookkeeping, or housekeeping. But, this is a place of business; this is what pays the bills and puts food on the table. Sometimes I have to answer the phone or the door or run errands for my husband. (I know, I'm wasting time blogging.)


robin said...

You seriously want advice? Brainstorming random advice:

---get them hooked on blogging...no time left for visiting.
--give their names/addresses to local LDS church who will bombard them with "visits."
--announce as they arrive that you are delighted to see them, then look at your watch and say that, unfortunately, you have only 30 minutes to spare "this time" (next time say 20 or 40, but always imply that your time is limited). Be in a hurry when that time is up and announce "oh, I'm SO sorry to have to cut our visits short, but with the business and all..." Next time you could vary it by adding "But I'm not complaining...it pays the bills" or "I just can't wait to retire someday!"

P.S. I'm more elderly every day.

Packrat said...
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Packrat said...

Hey, Robin. (I can just hear you saying, "Hay is for horses.")

Duh, why didn't I think of the time limit thing? Thanks.

Neither woman has a computer. That is one of the reasons they come to see me - so I can look up things for them.

I don't know if he told you, but B... invited me to your house for Thanksgiving dinner. That was really nice. I really appreciated his offer. Thankfully, M & M brought Mom and me a big plate of food.

My sweet daughter cooked her first Thanksgiving dinner for her dad and her great-uncle at Mom's house. (And, I didn't get to taste much of it - frown.)