Tuesday, November 25, 2008

27 things - growl & laugh

One email about decluttering said to throw away 27 things. I don't know when that was posted, and I don't care. But, I am NOT going to throw away 27 things just to throw things away as suggested. That email made me mad. That is why I wondered if it was such a good idea to sign up to FLY. Now I have another email account with dozens of new emails to look at. These may not clutter the house, but it does clutter my brain and my time.

On the bright side, the post made me mad enough to clean out the medicine cabinet and clear off the bathroom counter. I did gather up several bottles of lotion and hair stuff and gave them to my friend's teenage daughter. (Now my friend can deal with the clutter - smile.) I did get the overnight bags repacked. (The stuff was strewn all over the bedroom and bathroom.) I did throw out some outdated medicine, and I did put more than 27 things away.

Ya suppose that making us "mad" was the purpose of the email? lol

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