Friday, October 17, 2008


In a blog I follow, the writer asked what we wanted today. I said sanity. I suppose what I really meant was serenity or peacefulness or just plain old quiet.

At the time I said that, the mail person came to the door so the dogs were barking. Then the kitten (Hissy Fit or Hissy for short) decided to torment the old cat, Rosie. (Old cat was named after Roseanne Barr because she was so ornery when she was a kitten.) There was running and jumping and hissing and spitting and growling all over the house. Papers were flying; books were falling off shelves.

When Rosie got tired of the chase, Hissy decided it was time to attack Chewie's (our Border Collie) big beautiful bushy tail. (How was that for an alliteration?) Not to be left out, the old dog had to get into the fun, which caused the other two dogs to want to join in. Since the last two mentioned are banned from the living room, they had to fuss and whine and dance at the gate.

This routine (minus the mail person) goes on several times a day, every day.

Am I complaining? Naw. Who wants a silent normal household? LOL

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