Tuesday, September 9, 2008

flop, flop and the case of the missing laundry

Quick update from last blog. Tuesday wasn't much better. Work was extremely busy and stressful. I spent the afternoon at work by myself, because everyone else had a bad day, too. The worst thing that happened was the 2-year-old granddaughter of one of my co-workers was bit by a rattlesnake at my co-workers house. It turned out to be a dry bite, but definately (spelling?) a rattlesnake bite. Thank the good Lord for miracles. By Wednesday, everything had calmed down so that we got caught up from Monday and Tuesday.

Flop 1: Yesterday, I made No Bake Cookies to send to work today, because another one of my co-workers has never had them! I didn't send them. :( I have used the same recipe for years, but the last few times I made them the cookies have been grainy. This time was no exception. The cookies taste okay, but they're just not what I want to share with others. I even added a little more milk and shortening, but it didn't help. Guess I'll have to look for a new recipe or figure out what I am doing wrong.

Flop 2: Some fresh pears needed to used before they rotted, so for lunch today, I decided to make a pear walnut blue cheese salad. I couldn't/can't find the cookbook that has the good recipe, and I probably spent another 30 minutes online looking for a similar recipe. There was a "different" recipe that sounded so good. YUCK. VERY, VERY SOUR. And, it didn't help that I over-toasted the walnuts and that the pears had no flavor at all. (I ate them anyway, because I couldn't get myself to throw away all those ingredients.)

The Mystery: The missing laundry seems to be my husband's. I am doing laundry today, and I notice that there are only ONE pair of his pants and no pajamas to wash. (He must have worn the same pair of pants all week (he has several pairs that are the same, so I don't necessarily notice) and didn't say anything - GRRRRR. I did notice that he was sleeping in his underwear, but thought he just decided to do that. Double GRRRR) Also, I can't find the laundry baskets! How can one lose laundry baskets?????

Hmmmm, a week ago Monday, my husband moved a bunch of stuff around upstairs so that we could put a different mattress on our bed. He must have been the one to move the baskets with hopefully clean clothes in them, but where???? They have to be upstairs. I'll look again tomorrow when I'm not so mad.

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