Friday, March 25, 2011

Kitchen questionnaire

Roxanne  posted a meme about her kitchen.  (Click on her name to go to her blog about her kitchen.)  She asked that we join her, so here goes.

First, before we get into this, my kitchen is 17 feet long.  BUT, the main working part is only 8 feet wide and 9 feet long. (It looked much bigger when we were looking at the house.)  Since there are six doors (3 on each end) leading out of and into the kitchen, it is the hallway to the "world". The washer and dryer are also in the kitchen.  Once upon a time, the kitchen had a wood burning cook stove sitting where there is now an opening into the living room.  There is a chimney in one corner.  Sadly, it is just taking up space, because it isn't safe to use.

Welcome to My Kitchen

1. Do you have magnets on your fridge? Yes, several.  All kinds from pretty ones to advertising ones to stainless steel hooks to silly ones to just plain ugly magnets.
2. Do you have a calendar in the kitchen and if so, what is it’s theme? No. 
3. What is your favorite kitchen gadget or tool? Hmmmm.  I have no idea!  I'm lucky to have all kinds of things to make cooking easier.  I'll go with several:  vegetable peeler, wire whisk, and the cheese grater like the ones used at the table in restaurants. 
4. Are you lucky enough to have a pantry of some kind? Yes!  Ugly, but functional gray metal shelves.  They are in what should be the rec (wreck!) room.  I keep a large, well stocked pantry 'cuz I really dislike going to the grocery store.
 5. What is your favorite appliance? The dishwasher. Oh, yes.  (Roxanne's words!)   If I had one.  Although, what would we do without a stove or refrigerator.  I love the microwave, too.
6. Do you have an eat in kitchen? Nope.  Does eating while standing at the sink or stove count?
7. Do you have a bread box? Yes.  Actually, two, but they haven't yet made it to the kitchen.  No counter space.  There are two metal lined drawers in the kitchen.  One is used for bread.
8. Do you have a picture of your kids on the fridge? I don't remember.  I'll go look.  Okay, no.  I did when I was staying at the other two places (long story), but obviously haven't unpacked them.
9. Do you ever cook breakfast in your pjs? Once in a great while.  I seldom cook breakfast.  Really, tho, I prefer to get dressed before I come downstairs. 
10. Do you have a favorite cookbook? My mom's Better Homes and Garden cookbook from the 1950's.  Just realized it isn't in with the other cookbooks.  Carmen, did you sneak it away????
11. Are you lucky enough to have recipes that were passed down from your mom and grandma? Yes.  Lots of them in their handwriting.  My cousin has my other grandmother's, and she'd share if I asked.  (Although, we  didn't ever really like what she cooked, so this hasn't been a priority.  Sorry, Grandma.  We did like your hamburger pie, though.)
12. What’s your favorite food? BBQ ribs. Smoked BBQ ribs. Southern smoked BBQ ribs cooked in a dive of a restaurant. Um Hm.  I'll agree with Roxanne on this one.  Add just picked from the vine ripe tomatoes and fresh corn on the cob.  Although...bread right out of the oven slathered with real butter and served with Grandma's canned peaches was to just about die for.  Who am I kidding.  I like food. 
13. What’s your favorite thing to cook? I don’t like to cook*. My favorite thing is when someone ELSE cooks!  I'll agree with Roxanne on this one, too. 
14. Is your coffee pot electric or stove top? Electric. It’s a drip coffee maker, but I don't drink or make coffee.  I drink tea. 
15. Do you make your own bread? Sometimes.  *I love to make bread. 
16. Does your kitchen have a theme?   Maybe, if you count ninety years of remodelling and "torn up" a theme.  There are still patches of 90 year old plaster.  The cupboards are from the 40's or 50's.  There are two different sizes of 2x4's, two different thickness of drywall, plywood, exposed lath, 3 or 4 different ages of wall paper, several different colors of paint, holes, bare insulation...
17. Is there a clock in your kitchen? Yes. One on the stove and one on the microwave. 
18. Do you have a bowl of fruit on your table or counter? No, fruit usually just gets set on the counter.
19. What type of canisters do you have? Mine are plastic - harvest gold with mushrooms on the lid.  1975 anyone?  Actually, there is another set of the clear glass ones (Pyrex?) with the 1970's vegetables around the lid, and I have my grandmother's stainless steel bin type ones that I remember her purchasing with Green or Goldstrike stamps.
20. Name one thing you have hanging on the wall in your kitchen.  A fly swatter. lol  (There are other things, but nothing pretty.)
21. What’s for supper tonight? Leftovers - our version of goulash (elbow macaroni, tomatoes, and hamburger).
22. Do you have enough cabinet space? Not even close.
23. Does your family use paper plates? Yes.  We use the cheap ones that can be composted.
24. Do you have a good set of china packed up? Yes. 
25. Do you wear an apron to work in the kitchen?   When I remember.  Roxanne, I'm working on this, too.
26. Name one thing you would change about your kitchen if you could.  Build a new one, but keep my old cupboards.
Join me in sharing about your kitchen!


Vee said...

Oh that was fun to read. I hope that you get the kitchen of your dreams someday. I hope that I do, too. See how generous I am? ☺

Sounds as if your kitchen has some great features and just needs some money and time, just like mine.

I may do this meme one day. It would be fun.

Madeline's Album said...

My kitchen is very small compared to others but when we built our house we were raising 4 children and had to watch our pennies. If I could do it over again I would have a much larger kitchen but at our age we will be satisfied with what we have. Love your post. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

Trudy Callan said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog post about my pregnancy.

Barb said...


I had so much fun with this post! Most of all I loved that you have harvest-gold canisters and some with mushrooms!! I love them! I found the bottom of an old clear-harvest gold canister that I keep my composting stuff in. It has cute little mushrooms all around the bottom - so cute!

I could use a kitchen update myself, but a little something called "priority" keeps getting in the way! I would love to visit your kitchen, it sounds like it has a lot of charm... :0)

And to answer your question from my blog - yes, I'm getting really tired of snow!


Trudy Callan said...

Thank you for the birthday wish.

Roxanne said...

I loved reading your answers!

You've got to watch out for those cookbook thieves!