Saturday, September 25, 2010

What I Did. Bad Packrat (continued)

Back in June, I wrote about some odds and ends and the community yard sale.  I really planned on continuing the story within the next day or two.  Well, life got in the way in a really big way.  We had to make an unplanned trip to California.  It seems we've been playing catch-up ever since.

First to finish off What I Did:

New Home Sewing Machine
 Yep, I bought another sewing machine. It is a New Home and very similar to this one.  Old enough to have been made in the USA.

It came with attachments (in the original box), the instruction book, and in a nice wooden cabinet.
(The bottom picture was taken with my cell phone.  It doesn't take good pictures at all.  I need help getting the software for the better camera loaded.  It is conflicting with the software from the old camera or something.)

At least once a week, two or three of us have been trying to go to the local thrift stores.  This is a very bad habit, but it is so much fun.  I've picked up several pieces to add to various dinnerware sets - my china, my everyday dishes, the dishes that my grandmother and mom used when we had a huge crowd, and what were my mom's everyday dishes!  I bought a Lo*ndon  F*og coat for $5.00 and a mid-weight coat for my daughter.  I've brought home old cookbooks, old magazines, sewing and craft books.  So bad...
My friend has found some of the neatest things, too:  a complete toy (real stoneware!) dish set, a big red barn that her grandchildren just love, some fantastic clothes, a typewriter, all kinds of dishes and glassware.
The best part?  One day we filled the whole backseat of the car, and the combined total of what we spent was $10.62 (including sales tax)! 
Really Bad Packrat:   I also purchased a 1970's vintage Kenmore sewing machine for $5.00.  (I think this makes the tenth or eleventh machine.)  It probably doesn't work, but maybe I can use parts from another machine that is just like it.  Or, I can play with it to see if I can learn to fix sewing machines.  Just what I need - another job.  LOL
The other day, for a song, I found some more sewing machine attachments.  Of course, I've been buying fabric and patterns.
 I love this one.  I doubt I'll ever make it, because my daughter and I are too short-waisted to pull off this style.  sighhh.
Wish this was larger size. I'd make it for my husband.  Maybe I can alter it?

Crazy me.  Last spring I bought a set of dishes with a bright floral design.  Perfect for summer!  Then I promptly lost them in all this mess.  I found them a couple of days ago; I'd been staring at the box everyday.  I thought the box had magazines in it.  It had just one on top - protecting the dishes underneath.  Thank goodness nothing heavy was set on top of it.
One good thing that has happened is that we finally rented shop space. We thought we'd get moved before the fall rush began.  Laugh.  Since the day we paid the rent, we've been so busy that we haven't had time to get shelves built, get things put away, and move the rest of the business stuff out of the house.  But, we've been busy.  Let's hope it stays that way. ( No way do I want to move the business back into the house!  I hope that the old office is going to be my sewing room.)

Happy Autumn!


Barb said...

Wow, you have been a busy girl!! It's so good to see you posting again...really, we missed you!

You must be a really good seamstress, I only have one machine, and barely touch it - not that I don't want to, I just can't seem to find the time. I love old sewing machines. I have my mothers original Pfaf, it's almost 60 years old, does not work, I think all it needs is a belt, but I can't seem to part with it. I just keep it in the cabinet and put my sewing machine on top!

I wish we had good, cheap, fun, thrift shops and garage sales in our neck of the woods, everyone seems to think they are sitting on a gold mine - their prices are way too high for me! I think the last time I went to a thrift shop it cost me around 20.00 and I came out with two items...:0(

Good luck with your move - hope you get it done before the weather gets too cold.

Good to see you - have fun thrifting!


Vande Historic Costuming said...

Wow - You have been busy! What is the store for?
I wish we had better thrift stores and yard sales here....I just love that pattern!!!!

Madeline's Album said...

So glad you are posting again. You have been busy. Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog. I am doing well and am getting closer to my old self. Hope you get all moved and then can relax. Have a blessed day. Madeline

BevB said...

I think GOOD Packrat is a better description. Sounds like you're finding some great stuff. I still have my mom's old Necchi Elna. Not sure how old it is but I know she used it to make my white wool wedding suit in 1965. It weighs more than I do- not a speck of plastic anywhere- except for the gazillion cams for different embroidery stitches.
I think filling the back seat for ten bucks qualifies you as a Super Shopper. As I said before-Good Packrat!

Gingerella said...

I once acquired an older sewing machine via Freecycle. I had the best of intentions of teaching myself how to sew, but it ended up sitting in the attic collecting dust. At least it was free, heh. One of these days I'll learn.

Hey, as long as you're not going into debt buying things and aren't buying so much you'll end up on one of those Hoarding shows, I don't see anything wrong with thrift store fun.

myletterstoemily said...

well, i don't think you're THAT bad!
look at the great steals you got.

sorry about the dishes. that makes
me so mad when i just overlook
something like that.

belinda said...

...LOL...silly packrat...looks like some good finds and a 'sewing room'???...oh yes...get that stuf moved out!!! LOL

Penelope said...

I have been wanting to get a machine forever, but we really, really, reeeeeally have no room. I can't be a packrat, I'd have no place to sleep. I can't wait until I can sew my own pretty clothes!

Roxanne said...

My goodness! That's all GOOD busy, though.

First of all, I love the watercolor-like background. So artsy!

Thrift store gold-mine! BIG fun.

Congrats on the whole business move. It's very exciting to hear that things are looking positive and progressing.