Friday, February 5, 2010

Unnecessary, but fun

Last post was sort of about not spending or spending wisely. This post is about spending. I stopped at a little thrift store. Oops.

I defend my spending money there because all the money (donated building and help!) goes to support a local "private" school. It is private in that no government money is used to support the school. Although, it is basically a Catholic school, any child is welcome - except that there is a huge long waiting list. It is that good of a school.

I purchased a few saucers (bowls) and a few pieces of "silverware" (one fork was real silver - 10 cents!). Always seem to need more.

Also purchased were a lightweight denim shirt with puffy sleeves and two out of style rayon dresses. These were a dollar each. The denim shirt will someday lose the "puffs". This is for me. The puffed sleeves make me look like I'm wearing football shoulder pads or whatever they are called. The navy dress will hopefully get a zipper and be shortened. It fits my daughter beautifully, but is very difficult to get on and off. The maroon floral dress? Who knows. It fits my daughter, too, but the color is wrong for her. I will try to remember to get before and after pictures.

What I spent the most on was a whole grocery sack of sewing patterns - some newer, some older. Below are three of my favorites.

This is possibly the oldest dated 1962:

This pattern, with minor adjusting, should fit my daughter. Too bad it isn't in style at all.

Then there were these:

These are from the Associated British Paper Patterns Ltd., Denbigh Rd. Bletchley, Bucks. There is no copyright or date printed anywhere on them.

If anyone wants to get rid of old (1960's and 1970's and maybe early 1980's) patterns, I am in the market for women's half sizes 10-1/2 to 12-1/2, young junior/teen sizes 9/10, 11/12, and 13/14, and junior petites sizes 7, 9, and 11. I really don't want to pay a fortune for each pattern, but would pay for the patterns and for shipping. My email address is available from my profile page. Thanks. Oh, these would be to use. I would not be reselling them.

Random, but I have misplaced my list of passwords for all my internet sites. OH BROTHER!!
UPDATE: The passwords have been found. phew! Now the checkbook register is missing. It is probably in the huge stack of bills waiting to be paid. Groan.


Barb said...


I love to go to thrift shops - I don't collect old patterns, but I usually always see them, I will write down the sizes you gave and check them out next time I'm there. I love old silverware, I will always pick it up, especially if it is real silver. When my kids were little, I used to go to the thrift store and find old skirts made of good fabric, take them apart and make really nice dresses and skirts for my girls - It was so fun! I think that thrifting is such a good way to spend your time! Any time I can save money it is time well spent. Have a great day.

Blessings, Barb

Packrat said...

Barb, Thanks if you would do that. Most thrift shops around here just throw patterns away! I've asked them not to, but nobody listens.

Pat aka Posh said...

I love the second dress pattern.. wish I'd known you were looking for patterns.. I gave away a huge box of them because there wasn't anyone here that fit the sizes..

Vee said...

Thrift shops are fun. What do you use your patterns for? The intended purpose or as packaging as so many of the crafters do these days?

Madeline's Album said...

I love to go looking in thrift stores but usually don't find anything I like, clothes wise. Have a blessed day and weekend. Madeline

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I don't go shopping much. But supporting a private Catholic School is a goooood cause!!!!! Yes!

So happy to hear that it has a waiting list. Up here, ours are dying on the vine. For numerous reasons, which would cause me to rant, if I were to go into them. -sigh-

Happy Saturday.


Jenny said...

Hi! Saw you on Amelias blog and came to see what you were about. It looks like you found some cool stuff. Thrift stores are the best.

myletterstoemily said...

treasures! love the old patterns. takes me back to
my childhood, as my mom made many of my
clothes. it was so exciting picking out the
patterns and fabric.

Shay said...

Yes. We have a new thrift store and a new used book store (if that makes sense) and a new bead store that have opened within walking distance of my office recently.

This is soooo not good for the pocketbook.

Kristen said...

What a lucky, lucky find! I love hitting the thrift stores, and I'm usually hard-pressed to come out empty handed. I'll go through my pattern stash and see if there's anything else you can use. :)

Packrat said...

Thank you, everyone. Thrift stores are so "dangerous", but so much fun.