Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last Halloween
My daughter and "Jack"

Happy Halloween

Since we live in a rural area, the children (most of them) still trick or treat. It is so nice to live where it is relatively safe.   Since most everyone knows each other, it is really stupid for someone to try to hurt a child.  (It is anyway, but here the person gets caught.)   It occasionally happens so the children and parents still have to be careful.   Over the years I've noticed more and more parents out with their children.  Even though some of the older kids might not think it so great to have their parents along (I would have hated it!), I think it's wonderful to see the the parents out doing something with and for their children.

I'm still at my mom's.  I hope no one comes tonight, because the dogs go nuts when anyone comes to the house.

I don't really have any appropriate treats here.  Wonder what the children would think about a bottle of Ensure, a bag of Cranberry Apple Herb Tea , or a can of soup?  lol   Getting the truck started and driving into town and then maneuvering said truck in the congestion just seems like a lot of work just to buy a bag a candy.  (Even really small towns get very congested, too.)

Actually, I do have some bottles of "kid's" (the weird mixed stuff that tastes like punch) juice. The juice would be an expensive treat, but there shouldn't be more than ten kids, if any at all. Also, it is 100 percent juice, has no added sugars, and 100 percent vitamin C. Am I brilliant or what? Probably the what.  Oh, well.

The wind is blowing, but it is 57 degrees outside!  Balmy.  Barometer keeps changing from rainy to nice day to rainy.  The sky is bright blue right now.  A half hour ago, it looked like it was going to pour rain.   Guess we'll take whatever we get.   The power keeps going off, so I'll wish everyone a fun day and evening.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Happy to see posts being made here, again. Random yes, but that's a start. And don't think I'm pressuring you to do any more posting, than feels right to/for you. I'm not. I'm a big believer in people knowing "inside," what's best for them. And hope everyone does it.

Cute pic! "Jack" hu? ,-)

You say you're still at your mom's house. But I'm not knowing where that is. I mean, is it right in your own town? Or in a different town? I probably should remember from some past posts, but I don't. :-(

Hope you can soon finish up whatever is keeping you away from your own home. It's now Nov. and it's a particularly nice time to be in our own nest.

Gentle hugs,
Aunt Amelia

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Mmmmm, now I'm wondering if my Comment, went through...

Because I don't think I got a Word Verification thing, when I Sent my Comment.

But now, I see a Word Verification thing, below this comment box.

-sigh- I do so *hate* those *dreaded* Word Verification settings. Bleahhhh...

Well, if my first Comment didn't go through.......... -sigh- I did try to send it.....