Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pictures First Part of Trip

Seems all I have done in the past two months is ride in the car. I have been to Lewiston so many times, I've lost count. (I haven't posted because I've been gone so much.)

Pictures are scarce because unfortunately, I'm usually driving. It's difficult (not to mention dangerous) to take pictures and drive at the same time. (No kidding!) I've tried to get others in the car to take pictures for me, but ... (Let's not go there.) Several pictures that I thought I took are nowhere to be found. I *hate* my camera because it is so slow! I think it has snapped the picture, but it really hasn't. By then we're clear past what I wanted a picture of.

Southern Idaho from the freeway. Sorry it's blurry. Notice how green it was. It was raining, but the farmers were still irrigating.

Southern Idaho or Northern Utah

From a park in Ogden, UT. The mountains are so close and still so green. Family reunion picnic day! Mother Nature was kind; it was absolutely gorgeous that day. (It had poured rain the day before and poured that night and all the next day. )

Same park, different view. The Unitas are so beautiful.

The edge of some badlands in Wyoming. One of the pictures that didn't take was of more badlands. Again, notice how green the grass and sagebrush is.

Just some of the critters that reside in my cousin's yard. They're headed across the street to the river. My cousin's side yard is natural landscaping so she gets all kinds of animals. It was too dark to get a picture the night the big buck was helping himself to the grass in the side yard.

Taken from my cousin's front yard. That is the North Platte River at the top of the white fence. From these views you can't tell it is flooding or how wide it is. The old timers said it has been about 60 years since the water has been this high. The other pictures of the river are missing. The bottom picture was taken after the water level had dropped some. Notice how close the water is to the bottom of the bridge. The only times I had ever seen this river was when it was so low we could wade across it.

More pictures another day. I was in Lewiston today. I have to go back tomorrow and will be there at least through Thursday. This time Mom and I will stay all night. I think I could drive this route with my eyes shut...


motherhen68 said...

It's so pretty up there!

gemoftheocean said...

Fabulous pictures. I've always wanted to see Idaho and Montana and a few of those other states up in the northern tier that I haven't been too. I've been to 33 states, but those are a couple I'm missing.

I have a very small vivitar I can operate with one hand. I just roll down the window and hold the camera pointing "out" at a straight arm length. I've done video like that.

I don't take in traffic!!! But on a few roadtrips up to Sacramento, once I get over the grapevine north of LA and the road's straight for the next 200 or so miles, then I can snap away to my heart's content.