Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pictures. Maybe the story to go with them tomorrow.

I "borrowed" some of these pictures from the Idaho Department of Transportation. (M, some of these pictures are for you.)

Looking north toward mountains (January?)

Prairie looking northwest toward timber and mountains (today).

Prairie meets timber. Taken at the base of the mountain that is in picture above. (Nov. 2008) Note the storm clouds moving in.

Notice the steep hill sides and all the rock. This top one isn't the best picture, but couldn't quickly find any others. Yes, that is snow on the road. (Today) Top picture looking southeast-ish. Bottom picture generally looking north-northeast.

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motherhen68 said...

You know, I love the mountains and I love the flat openness of the prairie. West Texas is one of my favorite places that I've visited (drove thru on the way to NM).

I know you have snow and cold and ice and all that, but it's beautiful country. :)