Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembering Veterans

Today is Veterans' Day. Please take a few moments to remember all who have served our country. Maybe say a prayer or prayers for all the soldiers who have fought and are fighting to keep us and others free from tyranny. Also, take a moment to think of those who supported (in the military or at home) our soldiers. Thank you.

Here is a list of some of our friends and family who have been or are in the military (listed roughly from War of 1812 to currently serving). Several were and/or are career military. I will add names as I remember them.

Worthy, Houston, Rufus, Rufus, Washington, Wellington, William, Gordon, Houston, Frank, William, Leonard, Winston, William, William, Donald, James, George, Eugene, Eugene, Mae, Thelma, Simon, Robert, Robert, Leonard, Dennis, Richard, William, William, David, Charles, Robert, Michael, William, Phillip, Glen, John, Norris, James, James, Jeffrey, Daniel, Kathleen, Michael, Anne, Yvonne, Bradley, Kevin, Andrew, those in our local National Guard unit, Denise, David (active duty Alaska), Jacob (active duty Colorado) and Jeffrey who is in Iraq now.

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Bart said...

Hi Packrat. To appease your curiosity - we're moving because I've accepted an accounting job offer in Boston. Cheers.