Saturday, June 7, 2008


We just got home from a fantastic, 12 day trip. We surprised my father-in-law by showing up for his 80th birthday party. We all had such a good visit with family and friends - some we hadn't seen in years and years.

I'm not sure of the exact mileage we put on our car but somewhere around 3600 miles. The most expensive gas we saw $4.59/gallon was in Goleta, CA near the entrance to UC Santa Barbara. (Why don't they try to gouge the college students a little more?)

It is good to be home even if it is only 47 degrees outside. Will hopefully post some pictures as soon we get them loaded onto the computer.

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The Songster said...

Yeah I need to find those picture CDs- they have disappeared yet again! I swear the ghost that controls the heater in the bathroom also controls the computer desk? Perhaps there is a black hole on the desk? Well, I have just this weekend painted the dresser. It looks purdy. I need to start on the other one tomorrow. Hopefully the whether will stay perfect! Ha ha ha.