Friday, March 28, 2008

Snow, Cold, and Lazy

I said in my profile that I keep books for my husband. Well, I did until I took the full time job. J assured my that was okay. He did very well keeping up with accounts receivable (money!) - not so well with inputting the accounts payable and doing the filing. I may never find everything! There are stacks everywhere - in sacks, in boxes, on chairs, in his office, in my office, in the living room, in the china closet! Looks like I'll be taking over again just to keep my sanity. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not very organized either! At least I had the file folders made!)

I stayed home this past week to do taxes - hah. (It is the slow season at work, so this isn't a big problem.) I wound up looking for important papers, doing dishes and laundry, letting the dogs in and out about a "billion" times.

There are no longer any children in the house, so how can it be as crazy as say 10 years ago? Let's see, our daughter sometimes calls several times a day (between classes) just to chat. (I love that she calls! Speak of the "devil"...)

We have her boyfriend's dog who is a little over a year old and still very exuberant. Last week, he (the puppy dog, not the boyfriend) got to playing too rough with our old dog. Old dog wound up with sore bones, muscles, and an infection in her mouth and her neck. Monday's trip to vet's office took over 3 hours. Then, there was the special food to cook; the pills to give her; the staying up with her all one night (and not sleeping soundly a couple others) to make sure she was okay. Thank goodness I didn't have a baby or two to take care of, also!

Yesterday, I did manage to squeeze in lunch and an excellent game of Scrabble with my next door neighbor whom I seldom get to visit. Robin had made soup in the crockpot (cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and sausage in chicken broth), and had made corn bread from scratch (served with real butter and honey or apple butter) - yum! Robin won at Scrabble as usual, but I gave her a good run for her candy. (She plays all the time; I don't.)

Yes, it is snowing and blowing.


Cheri said...

Um, hi. You left a message on my blog, I'm supposing I know you, but you don't have any names or clues as to who you are here. If you just happened to see my blog and wanted to comment, that's fine, I'm just a freak and it's driving me nuts wanting to know who you are! Ha, please put me out of my misery.

The Songster said...

Fine I won't call any more... ha! Dang you write more than I do... how do you find the time?