Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter - Hallelujah

As usual for Easter, it is cold and windy and will probably snow later. Spring is on the way, tho; the snowdrops are blooming.

This is the first holiday without my grandmother. How she loved holidays with her family and friends! She used to love cooking huge meals and having people over. She turned 99 just before Christmas. We had a lovely Christmas day, but she went downhill rather fast after that. Her poor frail body just wore out. We miss her and will continue to do so. We had 5 generations alive for almost 12 years. We were so blessed to have Grandma in our lives for so long.

This Easter was rather quiet. After church, our daughter, my mom, and my stepdad came here for dinner. We "did easy" this year, too. Everyone was tired of ham, so I did a large roast beef and steamed asparagus. My husband made the deviled eggs; mom made potato salad and baked Schwans pies. After we ate, our daughter sang two songs, and then everyone took off for home as everyone had at least an hour to travel.

Happy Easter to all.

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